Smart Transfer is a secure, free & convenient cross-platform solution that allows users to transfer & share photos, videos, contacts, apps, WhatsApp chats & files of any type and size to and from smartphones and tablets over Wi-Fi or hotspot connection.

Launch the app on Sender & Receiver device -> Select network: Hotspot / Wi-Fi on the Receiver device -> Now, an activation code will appear on the receiver device. Enter this code on the sender device to establish the connection between sender & receiver device -> Accept connection request -> Choose content types to be transferred -> Press Start & all your desired data is transferred.

When both devices have Smart Transfer app installed, select “Sender” from which you want to send data & select “Receiver” on which you wish to receive data. Then, choose Hotspot & a Password will appear on the receiver device. Copy Password >> Press Settings >> Turn off Wi-Fi >> Enable Hotspot & paste password on receiver device, Setting >> App & press continue. Enter the activation code displayed on the receiver device in the space available on the sender device. (Note: “When an iOS device is sender, permission is asked to join the network”).
For iOS below than iOS 11, both devices can be manually connected, using Hotspot & its password mentioned on the receiver's device.
Wi-Fi settings on the sender device -> Wi-Fi hotspot as appeared on the receiver screen & enter password mentioned on the receiver screen -> press continue on receiver -> Enter the activation code displayed on the receiver device in the space available on the sender device -> Accept connection request on receiver device.
In both ways, accept the connection request to continue with the transfer process.

No, Smart Transfer does not use your mobile data at all. Mobile data is only used in order to create a successful connection between the two devices.

The content types supported by Smart Transfer include contacts, pictures, calendars, videos, audios / music, bookmarks & memos, reminders, documents, applications, settings, WhatsApp Chat Backup, Line Backup, KakaoTalk Backup and files of any format & sizes. Transferable content types may vary from one platform to another.

Yes, Smart Transfer supports all major operating systems including Android & iOS. It is a powerful content transfer solution that lets you transfer data between & cross-platforms with ease of process.

All your desired content types can be directly transferred over to the receiver device in their respective folders. Content types like pictures, videos & audio files can be found in the Smart Transfer folder, through the Receiver’s file management app. Other content types like calendars, bookmarks are automatically updated in their respective apps.

With Smart Transfer, there is no limit to transfer data. Users can transfer as much data as they want in multiple transfer process - anytime, anywhere.

  • Sender/Receiver device disconnected the transfer process.
  • In case of Wi-Fi transfer, both devices are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • In case of Hotspot transfer, receiver device is connected to a different hotspot.
  • The receiver device is connected to the same hotspot but it is out of range from receiver's hotspot connection.
  • Hotspot/Wi-Fi turned off by the Sender/Receiver
  • No, Smart Transfer is an absolutely free-to-use app.

    Smart Transfer supports transfer of all major types of audio & video files. In fact, it also provides format fixes to make files compatible across platforms. This allows SmartIO to seamlessly transfer data to and from devices like iPhones or iPads, without worrying about inaccessibility of non-compliant file types.

    Yes, WhatsApp chats backup can be transferred from Android to Android only. Smart Transfer allows to transfer WhatsApp Chats backup and history by going through simple steps.
    1. Backup your data using WhatsApp Backup on your old device
    2. Now, Install Smart Transfer App on both device >> Select the sender & receiver devices >> Select Network Connection >> Connect both devices through activation code >> Select the Whatsapp Backup option to restore your chats on receiver device

    To remove ads and get the ads-free version of smart transfer, simply follow these steps.
    1. Click on the drop-down menu in the application.
    2. Select the, “Remove the Ads” option
    3. Follow Google’s in-app purchasing guidelines
    4. Once the purchase is complete, you should be having ads free version!

    Smart Transfer smartly deals with content duplication to ensure that you do not end up with duplicate data in your receiver device, especially manages contacts duplication. It intelligently scans the address books of both devices & forgoes the transfer of any contacts common between the two devices.